Her Keeper (One Shot Wednesday)


My sister doesn’t sleep.

I want to say

are you still afraid–of the night?

but she’d kill me if I knew.

My sister doesn’t sleep.

I lay awake imagining

the chemicals that flood

her brilliant mind, dousing

her down to a caged animal

that’s half-beating.

My sister doesn’t sleep.

I wait for dawn to meet her.

She tells me without words

that there’s a price to pay

when you forge bravery;

there’s a debt that’s owed

to your soul when you

abandon it to danger.

Her dark eyes–those

faceless moons–tell me

somehow I’d been right

to hide in the dark

pretending to dream.

5 thoughts on “Her Keeper (One Shot Wednesday)

  1. Wow, this is haunting and powerful. Feels like it has deep historical roots as well somehow? It’s the repitition of “my sister doesn’t sleep” but I can’t say why.



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