Constant State of Flux

A hot summer evening, hot enough

to lay my tireless, unending head

on the pillow for its coolness;

thunder cracking down

my avenue

and the rain slanting in sideways, wetting

the paisley curtains.

Somewhere out in that dark the pine

that surrounds me soaks.


These nights I am not climbing up

the roots of forgotten things,

I am not clawing

for something solid to breathe my air into,

the old familiar ache of

wanting to feel through my own skin so hard

that I push through like a broken bone


because I am here, in a

constant state

of awakening, sometimes only to another dream

only to wake up again

and I stand in the mirror across the room,

and the lightning

floods the black kitchen

and I see a flash of my eyes in the reflection

–my image, so alive that it’s white

heat snags the clouds in a jolt.

There is a calm that never seems to tire,

embedded in my veins, the blood flowing

and I wait

for my mind to revert towards the habits

of self negligence and fear


but I am a cyclical rhythm

that sustains itself

and I know a small part in me believes

that I have won something with

my own two hands and tampered mind

when I had had no hands to grip with–

a blind privacy and a last call out to the only thing left


my will


I had left for dead in the gutter,  camouflaged in an alley

as elegant graffiti, crumbling brick, a broken phone booth–

the shards of glass scattered out across the pavement

and potholes–

    “did you see the moon? in the pieces of glass?”   my will asks me

“I wasn’t looking down,”     I reply

      “so then you looked up and saw the moon instead, love?”  my will is relentless

“No, I tired of dreaming. Hold it up to my face, the glass, and see if I shake,”

         My will  smiles, “straight ahead then, love, beaten and brighter…”


And my daughter is asleep tucked away

in the corner of the house;

the coffee is off,

and the flowers I just planted

out in the window-box

are getting beaten but maybe brighter;

it is enough to have these nights.


We are not born with a religion in our mind.

We are not born with a narrative or a script.

Tell me you have the courage

to scrawl across your own body

the tattoo of your story,

and would you let someone read it?




*image Noell Oszvald

5 thoughts on “Constant State of Flux

  1. Oh my goodness…this is so where I am at in my healing. My story literally tattooed onto my body and I am daring to share it. I am always in flux which is honestly engraved inside my arm to remind me…I am going to be okay.

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  2. Wow, this is a powerful revelation: that who we are is always changing, so there’s hope in this. Also, we are all born tabula rasa, so for everything written on your soul, you can write over it, again and again, until it is as perfect as a safely sleeping daughter.

    Some stories cannot help but be told – I’m glad you’re finding your voice for sharing your story; not just for me and us, but for yourself: there is so much strength and beauty in your unfolding like a late spring bloom, like a baby bird taking an early flight. Love, supportive hug and kiss, Moskowitz

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  3. Mosk, your comment means so much to me–I’ve read it a hundred times (and took a screenshot and saved it in my phone notes for when I need a kick and a smile)
    Much Love and Appreciation,
    Amy Jo



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