Contemporary Poetry

imageSharon Olds   Time-Travel,   Night Terrors

Charles Simic “Puppet-Maker

Michael Dickman  “We Did Not Make Ourselves”   From the Fishouse Poems,    on PSA

Matthew Dickman   …from the fishouse    @how a poem happens      2 poems from The Story      3 poems at Boston Review     “Blue Sky”  @Bomb

Brenda Shaughnessy “I’m Over the Moon”     “Me in Paradise

Judith Harris “In Your Absence

Nick Flynn “Father Outside“, “My Mother Contemplating Her Gun”               

Sharon Olds “I Could Not Tell“, “The Fear of Oneself”   “That Year

Amy Gerstler “In Perpetual Spring“, “Lost in the Forest

Michelle Amerson   “Delusions”  from RATTLE  #34, Winter 2010

Jane Hirshfield on poetry: “All the Difficult Hours and Minutes“, “Sentencings”  “Spiritual Poetry: Nine Gates: 22 poems about spirituality and enlightenment”

W.D. Snodgrass Vuillard: “The Mother and Sister of the Artist

Tony Hoagland “At the Galleria Shopping Mall

Stephen Dunn “All That We Have“, Dismantling the House, “Regardless”  …all poems

Donald Hall “Convergences

D. A. Powell “Chronic”

Howard Altmann “Fragments

Li-Young Lee “Little Ache“, “From Blossoms“, “Nocturne

Mark Strand “Keeping Things Whole”    “No Words Can Describe It

Yusef Komunyakaa “The Shortest Night

Ted Kooser “Walking on Tiptoe”   “Abandoned Farmhouse

Lisel Mueller “The Lonesome Dream”    “Bedtime Story”  “For a Thirteenth Birthday”  …more poems

Robert Hass “Faint Music

Denise Levertov  “What Were They Like?”

Charles Wright   “The Fever Toy

Louise Gluck     “First Memory”     The Untrustworthy Speaker”      “The Wild Iris”     “The Red Poppy”     “Gretel in Darkness”                                      “Mother and Child”    “The Empty Glass”      “Decade”   “Confession”   “Snow”    pdf “48 Poems of Louise Gluck

Virginia Chase Sutton   “Manic”   “Lemons

Mary Saracino “Grace

Tom Healy   “Mirror, Mirror

Christian Wiman’s Every Riven Thing (poetry book)      And I Said to My Soul, Be Loud

Bill Knot    The Closet

Robert Pinsky   Samurai Song

Jon Pineda  (from fishouse poems)  Coma,    My Sister, Who Died Young, Takes Up the Task,     Losing a Memory

Czeslaw Milosz    Ars Poetica?

Francisco Matos Paoli   The Profound Truth; Variations in the Sea

Yasmeen Hameed (from Granta)

About Poetry

Poetry Glossary

Forms and Techniques

Glossary of Poetic Terms From the Poetry Foundation

Essays on Poetic Theory

The Publishing Revolution is HerePen American

DOWNLOADS–Audio Recordings of FSG’s Poets (mp3)

FSG Poetry

Emerging Writers Network

Poems Out Loud

Poetry Speaks

An Interview with jubilat’s Robert Casper

from Boston Review: Called Into Being: Charles Bernstein’s All the Whiskey in Heaven (Richard Deming)

from Boston Review: Body of Work–On the Poetry of Thom Gunn (Tess Taylor)

Penn Sound             Men with Pens         Cats Eye Writer (blogging)      The Renegade Writer

                                    Backspace  “The Writers Place”                         Wordplay                                                                  PREDITORS & EDITORS

                                             The Creative Penn                                    **Poetry News in Review

GalleyCat: The First Word on the Book Publishing Industry                    but.if.and.that

**The Review Review                                                            **Beyond the Margins

Grub Street   (Boston Writing)                                                                                                             Pub Rants  (blog)

NewPages                                        Robin Black

                                                                                                                       ***She Writes

The Drum Literary Magazine   (for your ears)                                                                                                    Writers Unboxed

Timothy Green’s blog (Rattle  Editor)


Haggard & Halloo Poetry              Anemone Sidecar                                     Alice Blue Review                                      POOL

Calyx, Redactions,       BLR  (Bellevue Literary Review),      Artichoke Haircut,     Gloom Cupboard                          Wicked Alice

GutCult                    Gutter Eloquence                            Alligator Juniper                                Moria                           Womb Poetry

Magma Poetry                        tinfoil dresses                           Thieves Jargon                               Stirring

Origami Condom                                         Melusine–or Woman in the 21st Century

Hutt Poetry                               Hoboeye                                              *epidermis                      Dusie

Blackbox Manifold                                                  2nd Ave Poetry                               Subliminal Interiors

****Hazel & Wren

AlisonTyne on Etsy

Poets on Poetry

Poetic Asides

Contemporary Poetry Archive

One Poet’s Notes

LolasRoom at Etsy

How a Poem Happens

American Verse Project

Poetry Readings & Interviews

A Defense of Poetry“–Charles Bernstein 2001

Beginnings” –CK Williams

Confessionalography” –Rachel Zucker

Elements and Function of Poetry” –George Santayana

Reasons for Poetry –William Meredith

The Art of Finding

The Very Act of Telling –Sharon Olds

Tide of Voices: Why Poetry Matters  –Mark Doty

Jonathan Galassi on The State of Poetry

Poetry and Ambition  –Donald Hall

What is Poetry About  –Cynthia Ozick

What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Poetry –Marjorie Perloff

Modern American Poetry

Poetry 180

Harriet the Blog

Poets House

Poet’s Corner

The Poetry House

One thought on “Contemporary Poetry

  1. Amy,

    I hadn’t read “That Year” from Sharon Olds before. Thank you for making it available here, and for sharing it. I am always intrigued by her work when it does go by. Olds has a collection of poems simply titled, “The Father,” which are all about her relationship with him, from her childhood to her adulthood, and through to his death. I have read excerpts of it, but not it in its entirety – have you read it? If so, what do you think of it?

    Your links are fantastic, you have some of the best stuff I’ve seen listed on poet blogs, PTSD blogs, or survivor blogs combined – and I’ve read and have been exposed to a huge array of them over the years.
    Some of the links you have listed here, I have saved in my own personal files already:
    Rachel Zucker’s essays in particular made a profound impact on me, and I have re-read them multiple times. It’s so nice to read something by someone who thinks the way I do about poetry.

    Many blessings to you, toward your writing and healing. Please continue to do what you’re doing (I’m not sure you could stop, honestly – it gets to where the journaling, the purging, the hurt for truth within poetry, begins to run you, doesn’t it?)

    I admire your strength and courage, and your willingness to share, naked and open, vulnerable.




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