I’ve heard sometimes

the only way out is through

when there are no safe places

but outside your head and

you wanna be brave

because you wanna be known

because you don’t wanna be scared

all the faces will never come off


Touch him

Tell him it’s not him

Name him

Silence wakes into a bass drum

slow and smooth and hard

he names you too

he touches you

transparent sets of hands

maybe that kind

reaches you finally-

dropping out with a voice this time

leave it up to me this time


let’s be beautiful once


a shared vacancy

is all I can ask for

and even then that’s not enough


is it


to keep away the sleep.


This is the damage you

have to swallow.


Weren’t we beautiful once

3 thoughts on “Once

  1. Soul of the sentence, heart of the heart: maybe intimacy is itself a pantheon of degrees, each one proximal and wild, awesome and awful. And words trick us into believing we can fully know the other’s infinite degrees, both fading figure in the glade and startling object of our plural frenzies … (“Name him.”) Sorry Charlie, the hungry muses sing, we don’t wan’t tuna with good taste, we need flesh inside flesh, heart of the heart. What are we devouring anyway? The dream is neither sphinx nor sphincter but all of it, the whole she-bang we love and die of. What is a poem but a day-bed aboat the ocean? Keeps it interesting.. and thanks for seeing it fecund. And pardon all this shouting what you already know. I haven’t been able to read you of late, hope you are keepin’ on keepin’ on. Rapt in the bass drum of de meters. Happy Yule. Don’t disappear.

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