Daddy’s Game

I imagine you must’ve shut

yourself off somehow–the way

you’d eventually teach me to d0–

before you entered my room

like a king’s shadow.

I hear the scrape of your jeans

your hands hot and big like swings;

I’m young so I love you.  I do as you say.

You blow smoke in my face.

Now, here, I slip

because you taught me how to shut off–

how to die inside,

and I have only memories

of my body:

fear, arousal, panic and pain,

death around every corner




I hid so well I lost me

in this confusion of a woman

trying to bud from

what’s already been picked.

(*published in Aqueous Mag, Haggard & Halloo, and Frigg Magazine)

5 thoughts on “Daddy’s Game

  1. Your words are eloquent and flow well as always, but in this case they are as beautiful as they are tragic. No girl should endure such an assassination of the soul, such a murder of youth, especially by those who should guard and protect her.



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