Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s one degree out right now, which is pretty warm considering. Not that I’ve been outside today. No I took advantage of my kid staying at her cousin’s house and I’ve been trying ALL DAY on the net to figure out how to get going with freelance writing. I’ve looked everywhere online and there’s so much I don’t know where to start. I’m getting stir crazy in this weather. Hyper and giddy. Alone, I talk to myself with a british accent and I sadly am my entertainment. Come on, we all do weird shit when we’re our only company. Back to the freelance thing–I’ve signed up and made portfolios for, Scripted, and Elance and Helium. I’m excited to see if Scripted accepts my submission. It’s a starting point at least. I had no idea you could make so much at some of the sites even just for articles. I’m a savvy researcher so we’ll see.

Yeah I’m warm and snug in my livingroom by the christmas tree, typing away with Bourne Legacy playing in the background–my favorite movie. Here, I’ll take a pic of my view from where I sit right now:

I’m really short. No. I’m on the floor at my coffee table. Any of you sign up with Path? If you have, friend me on there. I don’t get it. Do you ever feel like you have a lot to say and then you sit down to write it and you’re suddenly dumb? Nothing there. Hmmm, I have five, FIVE, huge bookshelves in my house. Obsessed much? I love books, I love the feel and smell of them. My copy of The Bell Jar is yellowed and I love it. I didn’t realize until the other day how I have two copies of some of my favorte books–The Bell Jar, Lord of the Flies, East of Eden, She’s Come Undone, Treasure Island, ….that’s it.
I’m putting together photo albums for Emma’s dad for Christmas and I came across these pics of me and my Toots:

Yes I know they’re sideways. I don’t know how to fix that–I’m using Blogsy on the iPad. But aren’t they cute? Oh she’s growing up. This year she almost took over baking the Christmas cookie cut-outs; I switched spatulas on her for something and she came to me, COVERED in flour, throws her arms up in the air and says “Mom! I can’t work in this conditions! I need better utensils!” aaaannnd she stormed off. She’s nine. And she needs utensils. Sometimes I fear I’m giving her a complex cuz I’m so damn weird sometimes. Eh. She’s loved and she knows it. They really do bloom right before your eyes. I have OCD a little, and those sideways pictures are haunting me. I can hardly write, it’s all I see.

Focus. Focus on what? I have nothing to do nowhere to go. Fuck focusing, as you can probably tell with this post. So, Memoir of a Geisha was a beautiful movie. I have the book naturally but haven’t read it yet. Naturally. Have I bored you to tears yet with incessant babble? Nah it’s early. Perhaps I’ll make the world’s longest post that’s about nothing. I got the greatest gift the other day–the ENTIRE (brace yourselves) collection of the old tv show Hercules!!!!! My damn favorite. Dayanaira sucked but it was a fantastic show. A comfort show, ya know? Can you tell I’m from Wisconsin by the way I write? Just curious. Yeah, Amy, because text has accents. Although I will say text messages have tones in their voices…what the fuck am I talking about….

Well shit I guess I could wrap this up. I do have one more video to share. Emma and I made it after Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.”

Alrighty folks, peeps, motha fuckas, friends, I am off to roam the web. Night. And comment back, let’s chat about shit. K, later.

amy jo

8 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside

  1. Love this post! Love that you shared everything going on and what’s in your head. I can definitely relate to having so much to say and when I go to write sometimes, I draw a blank. Yup, I think it’s called writer’s block, lol. Happy holidays to you Amy! xo


  2. Your post was my favorite read today, so I don’t think you have writer’s bock. You’re just trying to force your writing into a pre-existing block – don’t worry – just keep writing, even if its just this stuff – it all works for me – you and toots are so cute – yes they become *you* right before your eyes.
    Next poem I’m writing, I’ll send a picture of where I’m writing it. That made you real, seeing where you are. Love your tree too-old fashioned and colorful.

    Ok, I pretty much love anything you write, but you know I’ve been that way a long time, Mwah [big kiss] and hug.

    Write. Right now! Write now, alright? love , Ol Mosk


    1. Yes I’d love to see your writing view! I’m glad I entertained you 🙂 and thanks about me and my toots. She’s really something else. Loves back at you!


  3. Hi Amy, I edit a puzzle magazine that has a lot of retro content in it — memory row, that sort of thing. Stories for it are first blogged at If interested in freelancing some stuff, contact me at Pay isn’t great (it never is) but it’s a start. Best —



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