The Dickman Brothers’ Poetry

I found this over at Poetry Dispatch and wanted to share. Michael Dickman is one of my favorite poets. His twin brother, Matthew Dickman, is also incredibly talented (check out his amazing book I ate up in one night —All American Poem); check his poems out here in Narrative Magazine: Matthew Dickman (“Benevolence” is one of my favorites). Also there is “Grief” which is incredible, from The New Yorker–read HERE. And one more–“Slow Dance” (there’s a video at the bottom of him reading his poetry)


Michael Dickman

We did not make ourselves is one thing
I keep singing into my hands
while falling

for just a second

before I have to get up and turn on all the lights in the house, one after the
other, like opening an Advent calendar

My brain opening
the chemical miracles in my brain
switching on

I can hear

dogs barking
some trees
last stars

You think you’ll be missed
it won’t last long
I promise

I’m not dead but I am
standing very still Read More