Peggy Lee

This song takes me back to an afternoon up in my old apartment with Mike, him sculpting, me with my charcoal drawings, listening to the lazy blues, neither of us looking up from our work but talking.  A favorite memory

The Humming

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there is a humming

I hear

like an African choir

like the early delta blues

I heard it before

in the mirage of July

when I was eleven without permission

discovering the earth

in my PF Flyers

and rusty schwinn, speakers

from my portable radio wrapped

around the handle bars,

American Pie static in the air,

finding the swimhole no one

had discovered I thought

the humming then–a promise

of my future

of adventure

of a brave life

in love with the world

in my teeth

it drones to me at night now

when I can’t sleep

anxious beneath the stars

my smoke breathing

into the black

wake up! wake up!

sing, girl, sing