WORD RIOT –creative nonfiction “Something Dark Like Jazz” July 2016

Two Drops of Ink –memoir “Petals” vignette, Fall 2016

Frigg Magazine (3 Poems) 2014, issue 44

Frigg Magazine (3 poems) 2012

Haggard and Halloo (poem)   2010

The Writing Disorder (4 poems)

The Writing Disorder Anthology

Psychic Meatloaf issues 1 and 3 (my first publication)

The Abaton (DMU) (essay, poem) 2011

The Woven Tale Press (creative nonfiction–Hummingbirds

Longridge Review (personal essay) “Beauty Walks a Razor’s Edge”

Blood and Thunder: Medical Musings (essay and poem)

Aqueous Magazine vol 5 (poems)

The Writing Disorder Best of Anthology (4 poems)

Rose and Thorn Poetry Magazine (3 poems, out of print)

Open Minds Quarterly: The Poetry & Literature of Mental Health Recovery, poem “EB-125” Spring 2016–(soon to be framed and hanging in the mental ward I stayed at)



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