Little Black Flower 

I break my own heart

My little black flower

These cold mornings I walk with my hood up,

Snow glaring, solid streets coated in ice.

Crystal. It’s like crystal.
Pushing more miles behind me

Is all I can do

I don’t know where I’ll end up

I cannot pay attention

But to the absence of love
What has love been but

Little black petals I plucked and dried

What has love been but a dance I tired of;

My own skin, untouched in almost a decade

A woman should not go this long.

A human should not go this long.
I dream of pressure and forms as solid

As the snow beneath me;

I dream of water

And the absence of loneliness.
I expand. I absorb. I am in full bloom

This little black flower.

And it feels beautiful but needs witness,

I tire of myself

Sucking up silence like the ocean.

I want to say to you

See me. See me.

But no one is there;

blue shadow on the snow.

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