A Wish

From With Real Toads–When Good Wishes Go Bad. Wednesday prompt.


Round, white stones

perfect and alone.

How odd, the shapes curved by the ocean.

I found you in a sea.

I had been drifting on a makeshift raft.

Counting constellations I couldn’t name.

I caressed your smooth unending circumference,

turning and turning you.

Stone.  Open,

I wished.


Tell me the answers and the points

of navigation in the charts. Direct

me skyward, seaward–I don’t care.

Millenniums inside your corrosion,

only a small life in mine.

A little life I solidify, erode, smooth

into the circumference of a cold moon.

Show me, love, the moon–her bone

pulling me along the tide, tell me

-where is it I am supposed to go?

Stone. Open,

I wished.


I am turning and turning myself

and finding I have no edges, no borders.

Unframed with no key, a solitaire sphere in orbit

among grains of sand-each one a story.

I turn outside myself in these pieces

of the universe; we are such stuff

the stars are made of.

I plunk you back into the water-

you and I-

the rhythm of direction is a circle

leading us back into ourselves.



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21 thoughts on “A Wish

  1. This beautiful and profound. How we wish to possess things that are better left loved from afar, Love you, babe — and LOVE the “Write like a motherfucker, sweetpea”- that’s a quote and a half. also, love your half portrait, love love love for you!

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  2. Heavens, that’s gorgeous–such ecstasy in “smooth unending circumference,” forever rippling out at poem’s end into the circumference of the self. Wish upon a stone, a moon, a poem, and the gift is an Om. A yes. Oh yes.

    Liked by 1 person


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