Excerpt Publication

I am pleased to share that my memoir excerpt “Hummingbirds” was published at The Woven Tale Press! Check it out on their magazine here or read it here on my blog.

“…I fish for the knife in the pocket of my dirty overalls and slice at Barbie’s pretty blue eyes so they open. I sit and poke little holes where her pupils are and then I saw at her ratty hair. I lick my bottom lip, almost got it. A pleasure fills me….


2 thoughts on “Excerpt Publication

  1. Congrats!!! And no, not a DOLL!!!!! Oh no. Seriously, this is great, but why can’t I turn the page to your story? I was JUST congratulating myself on my internet savvy and now . . . stymied. My heart beat faster when I saw this magazine, too. It’s beautiful.

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