dVerse Poem

Share your poetry and creativity over at Dverse Poets Pub.  I am basing my poem off of a drawing I’ve been working on.


You’re in my ribcage
I turn my love to wreck it
let you gather up the pieces
and I watch you fall
from my fists
where I held you
hard and close because
what is the difference
between madness
and hunger

I want you to
walk up and bite me
stick your words inside me10819066_10155197448905131_881853597_n
and twist them all around
cover up my mouth
make my mind unable
to find my will

I come in like a whirlwind
and you are mine to destroy,
no not you, just love
or the thought of love
or the thought of you
or the heart in my chest
so I can rupture up my body

but I open up my chest
and violets fly out
and I had a dream
you were walking by,
black in the light,
a cigarette on your mouth,
not seeing me
and I feel for the first
time the things I let myself lose,
all the time,
and I close.


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