“The Basement”

Once again going through old stories and excerpts on my old flash drive and I found this cute little clip:

The basement is everywhere.  Water leaks like dark shadows on the bare cement, looking like silvery snakes streaming from the corners of the windows.  When it rains you can see the rivers pulsing.  Once the little trails reach the floor, they widen as they seep into the floor, heading toward the drain.  A corner houses shelves of limping cardboard, labeled by a thin marker zigzag that can’t be read because there’s no light over there.  We call this the dungeon and sometimes it’s where Barbie goes when she’s mad.  I give the pink corvette a push and she sails into the scary shadows.  In the corner by the steps, old sheets and sleeping backs are weighted down on ledges and chairs, or twisted in knots around the hollow metal poles, supporting the forts and tents of our imaginations.  We hear creatures in the jungle.  I feel the breath of wings.  The trees from where the wild things live loom over us in faded pencil scratches.  

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