Poem of the Day from Oscar Lush

I found this poem at the blog, Dead Beats.  It’s written by Oscar Lush and I feel it deserves the Poem of the Day. Enjoy.


Out of some human sadness,

pale faces bloom like roses.

The ones you once loved

stumble like children,


from carnivals come Autumn

the lights that slip between.

The creases

in your fingers

dim in the distance

before they are gone,

over the harbor,

and you are gone, too.

Ships hover in the fog

and they won’t come near

nobody will come near tonight.

And you say to me

that you are sad,

but do not worry,

‘In the morning I’ll be fine.’

But these days I find it hard to listen

for I am lost now,

as the deepest blue stirs

like melted pearls in your eyes

and I swear I heard beyond my shoulder

an unheard mountain cry.

And will you be fine?

Cause I hear sadness is like cancer.

Sometimes you lose them forever.

Sometimes they come back.

But they’re usually not the same.

**photo credit Elle Moss


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