A Writer’s Avoidant Behavior Episode

Yeah so…Nanowrimo…I’ve got about 5,000 words, I’m a tad behind. And I’ve really made the effort each day, several times a day, to sit down and write. And guess what? My house has never been so clean!! I sit to write, right? And I decide to clean the vacuum out before I vacuum cuz as I sit here staring at a blinking cursor, seeing debris on the carpet out of the corner of my eye. So then, I must dust all the wood in the house because maybe the smell of Pledge will stir up memories and inspire my pen. There’s a paint brush and unfinished trim, and my clean house doesn’t look complete without finishing that nagging project, then maybe, if I get it done, the nagging sensation will go away and my mind will be clear to write. Oh, I need a water. Bottled. I save what I haven’t typed and walk down to the market for a drink. I pass floor wax. I’m waxing my kitchen floor (after scrubbing the shit out of it of course) and I think music–music will inspire me. So I go through my shelves of music and play James Vincent McMorrow and stare at the crooked pictures on my wall that I must straighten…

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