Curious Things

Readers I Have Questions,

I see my psychologist friday but I wanted your insights. Aside from a lot of dissociating (not severe) and hearing voices when I am stressed out, I want to talk about something that has been going on for a very long time–and it's getting stronger and stronger and happening more often: When I am falling asleep I see people in my room and I can feel that they're there, and sometimes I look for them after I'm awake. When I am waking up I see them and I feel that they're there but oonce I'm totally awake they're gone. Sometimes I wake myself up talking to them. Any ideas? Curious….

9 thoughts on “Curious Things

  1. This has happened to me and it sounds like sleep paralysis. Are you able to move while it’s happening? I’ve heard music, people talking. I’ve seen people walking around the room. Once years ago, I saw my mother come into my room and grab something out of my closet and then leave at four o’clock in the morning. She was asleep in her room. I’ve heard people in my apartment and seen them walk past the doorway. Sometimes I couldn’t move, other times I could.


  2. I wonder if it is P.T.S.D related? I have really vivid nightmares too and I also hear voices when I’m really stressed, mostly a crying baby. I have since tried a new med for the nightmares called prazosin. It is a blood pressure medication used off label specifically for P.T.S.D nightmares and when I took it the first night they were gone! only down side is that when you stop taking it they come right back. But I tell you what my stress level has decreased enormously from no fear of sleeping and a better quality of sleep as well. It’s definitely worth a google to see others testimony on how well it works. I even have regular dreams just not the ones that are trauma related. hope it helps and good luck 😉


    1. I’m sorry you go through it too. I hear a little girl crying and sometimes screaming. I was on prazosin n it was awesome! Unfortunately it made it difficult to breathe and my ankles swelled. Glad its working for you!


  3. I know you probably have done but have you thought about talking to a councillor. I am by no means trained in psychology but I have heard that worries can often manifest themselves through sounds and visions. If you have PTSD then this would seem a reasonable suggestion. I have also read about people who have heard quite distressing things such as shouting or screaming in the midst of very bad depression. Sometimes its a way of the brain filtering out your own emotions when perhaps you are already overloaded. As I say I am not trained in this but it is worth some investigating before you try medication as it could be something that will resolve itself with other methods?


  4. There is a special state between sleeping and waking inn which more symptoms can occur. A kind of time when one is prone to more unreality. I wondered if they are recogizable people, or always the same people. Also,how do you feel during the visions? Scared, interested, what? Sometimes I find it helpful not to stigmatize my own symptoms by labeling them illness. In other cultures, in times gone by, persons with visions were revered –sometimes considered holy, or at least highly respected. Labelling oneself ill sometimes feels bad. Just some thoughts.


  5. I was also wondering if this could be sleep paralysis.

    My episodes hold me down so that I can’t move, but I’m fortunate enough to only see dense black clouds in the room, rather than actual figures/faces.

    Regardless of whether this possibly is sleep paralysis, it’s definitely something you should mention to your psych.

    Good luck!



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