Memory Retrieval

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In this sleepy little town

down behind the milkweed

to the hidden trail

that winds through the pines

and then,

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MoxieMamaStudios Etsy





just like that


and once the light

has teared your eyes

you see the sea below

like a memory

like a dream

like a dead sea


like when you were a little girl

it carries the same sounds–

lapping, splashing, trickling off

your fingertips;


it carries the time you thought

you discovered it


it carries a night long ago when

you opened your eyes beneath it,

alone in that dark


it carries a constant answer

to a question you have no words for


take me, you say,

take me to that place.


You could go there, you could feel it

all you have to do is weep.



35 thoughts on “Memory Retrieval

  1. wow…powerful verse amy jo…the answer to the question you never find the words for…that got me…i often venture to the sea to refind the rhythm of life…yours felt like a going back…and breaking a bit so you can go forward….the take me is def felt…


  2. This carries many memories for me, Amy Jo. It also brings to mind the poetry of Mary Oliver. If you don’t know her work, that about the biggest compliment I could give.


  3. Memories come without being consciously called, a word, a scent or even the turn of a calendar page. As for weeping, I think it helps healing. Beautiful.


  4. There’s one beach in particular that does this to me…other times a find the sea lonely to look at, unless in good company. Thank you for reminding me of that one particular beach : )


  5. This brought up a lot of emotion in me~I felt like I went back to my childhood through your words and different sensory experiences that bring up memories. I get really sad when I hear the sound of a whipperwill because of a hard time in my childhood. Thanks for a great poem that really spoke to me.


  6. “it carries a night long ago when

    you opened your eyes beneath it,

    alone in that dark….”

    You leave us with our own underlying, unspoken questions–very nice.



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