A Yellow Tulip

Join in the fun over at dVerse Poet’s Pub, this was a very interesting, and as Brian Miller put it, “ethereal” experience.  Here’s mine, rough draft:


The lights streams through me

that white light of winter

on this warm ledge I am like a small sun

my yellow head heavy, lolling

as they each pass

at first a lover, then a brother

a mother and sister, no father I notice,

one friend

a nurse, a doctor, chrome on wheels

and tubing, all these needles

for the man beneath the sheet

he laughs at cards and green balloons, a genuine

laugh, shakes and holds hands

he flirts so they don’t notice the untouched plate

children come and weep and he hushes them

with pride, I saw it in his eyes there–pain–for them

he thanks the men in white, lifting and shifting

one afternoon he even whistled, flipping channels

the sun goes down and I curl up

leaning on the lip of porcelain

the register kicks in beneath me and hisses

and it is suddenly still in this place

still enough to notice the sound

of him weeping

12 thoughts on “A Yellow Tulip

  1. oh wow amy…you really capture what is going on through its eyes as it watches over the man a bit…i am glad he had people coming and going to see him…oy you pulled hard on my emotions there in the end as well…def you captured the essence of the otherness…


  2. oh my… really well worked on the details here…the emotional up and down…people coming, going and the moment of weakness, witnessed only by that tulip…


  3. Just under a year ago I could have been that man – except that you’re not allowed flowers in UK hospital wards any more because they’re unhygienic!! This is a really strong poem that plays the readers emotions beautifully.


  4. I specially love the use of the small sun, passing people in the hospital, then the man, weeping at the end ~ Beautifully written, I am swept by the emotional depth of your words ~



  5. From now on I’ll think of flowers as thoughtful observers watching me, and I’ll keep an eye out for yellow tulips. Wonderful poem.



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