Difficult Degrees

published in Rose & Thorn Journal

How strong the wood is

how heavy the water

how fire burns you and saves you

how we can suffocate in space.

A leaf knows no direction and it cycles.


How I slip across a plank of moods

how I gaze so far in my small mind

how I am not this sick body, but a cycle–a circle,

a painted sphere in orbit given to touch–to feel–magnitudes.


I know no direction. The dark, the light–two poles of a whole.

Balance: I pull you too far down and then too high,

but at such lengths

I wander beyond myself

examining the weight

the burning

the constancy

the continent

of such a life.


6 thoughts on “Difficult Degrees

  1. i like how you examine the two sides….fire saves and kills…and this plays on out through your poem as well…the leaf cycles and your cycles beyond your sick body….intriguing piece…


  2. This has the gravitas of truth. You are almost disconnected from the self here, witnessing the changes wisely as cycles. Great imagery, loved this, and if I could, I’d hug all the PTSD out of you. Much love and kindness, Mosk



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