Leave, first poem in awhile

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There’s a square patch of sun on the wall

another cigarette stubbed out

I can’t play Adele anymore

and Ali Farka won’t distract

it’s quiet in these rooms


smoke curls around the plant

from the candles I’ve just blown out

I don’t recall it all being so still

I don’t remember how you worded it–how

you’d found someone else

but all that you said, how it all fell outa your mouth,

and I take to and bite the wind

in this winter that eclipsed from that spring

I stare out into the sun

the window sweating

and the voices, the words, the songs, the rhythm of

everything about you

has stilled

and I press play to another acoustic guitar

strumming, plucking gently down the line

hoping again that this is a sign

that this is how it feels

when you start to recover

7 thoughts on “Leave, first poem in awhile

  1. I take to and bite the wind

    in this winter that eclipsed from that spring…nice phrasing these…and the rhythm of you has stilled…nice emotive line that…nice follow up to the video as well…smiles…a felt poem…


  2. My dear, you capture that introspective gray that January lives in. Yes, just to still the activity in one’s own skull would be recovery enough. Thou art beautiful in your suffering, babe, but I pray your swift deliverance from that into a gorgeous springtime. Firm embrace, Moskowitz


  3. “the window sweating” while “everything about you has stilled” I like this very much. It evokes one of those moments each of us has had where so little of the World penetrates our inner world, but there is always some sense through which it intrudes and touches the mind.


  4. Here you show us, not tell us….i feel your discomfort and can see the sunlighht on the wall, the windows sweating, the quiet room after adele and before ali. Lovely lament. Thank you.



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