Are You Ready?

Well everyone, it’s National Novel Writing Month.  Nanowrimo.  Anyone here attempting it?  I am.  It’s my first time and my idea is to turn my not-working memoir into autobiographical fiction.  Hmmm.  Anyone wanna work together?  Share?  This is hard, but I need a challenge.  A kick in the ass on this story screaming to get out.  It’s all I ever think about.

I don’t even know what the goals are a day (word count) or do I just write on my word processor and how do I update on the nanowrimo site?  Any help out there?

Got my ipod listening to Radiohead, Ali Farka Toure, Tracy Chapman, Daisy May Erlewine, Yo Yo Ma, and some violin and cello suite that’s beautiful and dark.  Got my water, diet coke, smokes.  Now if I could just start.

4 thoughts on “Are You Ready?

  1. You write your novel on your own word processor and manually update the word count on the site. The field is under the “Edit Novel” section and it will show up at the top of the page whenever you’re logged in. Generally speaking the goal should be 1,667 words per day, but I’m sure that completely depends on how motivated your playlist is. Good luck!


  2. Welcome to the crazy month ahead AmyJo! Lets be-friend each other on Nanowrimo’s site. My username is the same Susanscribes. Good luck on your autobiographical fiction. I did that one year though without the fiction. It was very healing!


  3. amazing. good luck, Amy Jo. I have neither the energy, patience, nor perseverence for such a task even though I wish I did. Novel writing is beyond my limits (at least for now it is.)



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