another wonderland poem

alice tells  me to grow older

she has one of those aged mirrors

with the nickel stains

sitting at her stone table

she combs her hair

how do you do?


but alice, I say, you’re not far from here

we’re not far from here

but I don’t recognize my face

through the nickel blotch

and she says come closer

you stupid girl


there is no way out

there is never a way out

this mirror, she says, is our window


9 thoughts on “another wonderland poem

  1. You capture the essence of the Alice in Wonderland story so well in this….dark & eerie and it’s a scary place to be. Sadly, only we alone have the power to escape it…..cleverly written & showing great understanding, Amy


  2. the mirror she says is our window…so the way out can be found in ourselves..and depending on how we feel this can be really difficult… but alice is smart…and so are we..


  3. Thoughtful piece, Amy. Alice telling us to grow older not by looking at ourselves, but by looking at the world through our on reflection. In this case (as I read and interpret it) reelection having the dual meaning of our own image and thoughtful reasoning. Very cool!



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