70’s Soundtrack

you’re leaving again

I’m standing in the dusty road

of a seventy’s film, watching your

el camino spray gravel at my chucks

your cigarette flicked out the window,

your wedding ring gone.  again.

not that I miss you.

but i wonder why it was so much easier

losing fathers than a mother

The Guess Who blares out your window

your eyes never look up from the road

because you’re angry

only and always angry

and I just happen to be there, every time

I walk the opposite direction in a cast of

browns and yellows

a 7/11 the only thing in sight

CCR plays as if it were a film

As long as I can see the light….


I tell myself to put my head up,

to raise myself


and I am my own mother

loving the girl I am

the woman I’ve tried to become

dreaming my dead father loves me

up in the sky in his plaid shirt

and dirty bell bottoms.

I walk til the end of the scene,

telling myself some people

aren’t worth keeping

8 thoughts on “70’s Soundtrack

  1. I love this poem and the sounds, feelings and images it conjures. I often write my way through therapy and even have a poem called “The Cheap Therapy Poem.” I also, like you, write to discover what I’m thinking. Writting oetry is like taking my pschyic blood pressure.

    I’m happy to have found your blog!


  2. I just wrote you a glowing comment about this poem and then my internet lost the connection….figures!

    Anyway, this is a very moving piece for me. I can hear CCR & see the 7/11. I was born in the 70’s, yet strangely enough, those memories are more vivid for me than even the 90’s and 00’s…plus I love 70’s movies (especially horror). 🙂 On every level, you just NAILED this write…honestly, one of the most powerful poems I’ve read! Tough emotionally, but this girl is tougher than anything life throws at her, and I have crazy admiration for her!


  3. I’m there in this moment, Amy. You’ve written it so clearly I can taste the dust on my tongue. Beautifully done



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