Bill Murray and National Poetry Month

Well it’s National Poetry Month, which I didn’t know until I got the email from FSG Poetry: The Best Words in Their Best Order.  If you’re not subscribed to them, you should be.  They’re clip for today to celebrate National Poetry Month is Poetry Out Loud with comedian/actor (my favorite!) Bill Murray and poet Paul Muldoon (I read his latest book of poetry Maggot and thought it was brilliant).  Bill Murray reads to construction workers finishing the Poets House in 2009…more HERE.

FSG Poetry (The Best Words in their Best Order) is one of my favorite sites for poetry.  Join their mailing list, you’ll be glad you did.  They have videos, audio, and warehouse of poetry, with poets like John Ashbery, Charles Bernstein, Wendell Berry, Joseph Brodsky, Federico Garcia Lorca, Louise Gluck (love), Thom Gunn, Seamus Heaney, Ted Hughes, Randall Jarrell, Robert Lowell, Czeslaw Milosz, Paul Muldoon, Neruda, Grace Paley, Pinsky, Rilke, Christian Wiman (love), Charles Wright, James Wright…you know, an ASS-LOAD OF FAVORITES.  They also have recordings, publishing updates, contests, guest posts, interviews, translations, radio, and videos.

Here’s the video of Murray I pulled from YouTube:


Here’s one more from my beloved Bill Murray, reading “Forgetfulness” by Billy Collins:


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