The Self-Taught Sculptor

Me & Mike singing "Piano Man" at the lodge where we camp for a week every year

These are the sculptures of my best friend Mike (many of you have read about him in my essay Matters of Time or the poem For Mike).  He’s a self-taught artist–no schooling, no classes, no books.  He’s got severe Rheumatoid Arthritis (he’s 32 and has had his hips, knees, and shoulders replaced already) and the agony and depression and the fight in him is something to truly admire, and in these sculptures this laid-back, hilarious, wise dude reveals the pains within–what he goes through, over and over.  I’m helping him set up a blog called “Chicks Dig Scars“, it’s just a rough layout so far, he hasn’t gotten his stories and words up yet, but some sculptures are posted.  I encourage you all to follow him if you want to see some amazing shit from an amazing guy.  Love ya, Mike.

His blog is Here: Chicks Dig Scars


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