This poem was inspired by a photograph taken by artist James Rainsford who is featured tonight over at dVerse Poets Pub, on the subject “Patterns Pictures and Poems.”  I used the photo “Reflections” as a poem prompt and scrawled this out in five minutes and left it as is.  Kinda fun.  Go check out Rainsford! Some talent!

Photo Copyright: James Rainsford. Used with permission:












A black menagerie of life

I’m walking dark paths, manecured

for my foreign feet

I can barely see, the moon shafts glow

through the canopy, electric on the toes of my Chucks

forward forward

the leaves shush in the air streams

just above a whisper

it’s cold, my shoes scrape;

outside of myself I wake in this dark

beautiful place

I look up and see moon spreading

on water cradled by trees, dark petals

huddling the shore;

I see myself now mirrored–

I see it–still, at last, on the surface

my blood running in cool currents

I’d forgotten before to breathe in darkness–

that it was okay

to let mother moon hide and then shine–

it was okay

to be lost

the darkness will find

a reflection.

17 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Hey, I came across your page while searching for fellow poets/writers on WordPress. I appreciate this poem for articulating some of the sensations of solitude, particularly the line “I’d forgotten before to breathe in darkness…”

    I also appreciate the quote from Kenneth Burke, which I am helpless to disagree with, considering it is so very true.

    Thank you for your the quote and the poem. Keep posting!


    1. Wow thank you very much Steve! I know, that quote gets me too. Excellent to meet a fellow writer, I hope you come back. I’m heading over to yours now 🙂


  2. first…props on the chucks…wear them all the time…ha…you build a very nice scene…use of menagerie is very cool…i like the role the moon plays in this as well as a mirror for the person…nice piece…


  3. it was okay

    to be lost

    the darkness will find

    a reflection…. i love this…yep…sometimes it’s ok to be lost…and can even be comforting somehow…


  4. This certainly enhances and illuminates the image. I love the lines:
    “I’m walking dark paths, manecured
    for my foreign feet”
    You may have written this quickly, but it has a raw power with evocative imagery.
    I love it. Thank you for sharing.


  5. I much enjoyed your poem and its evocative imagery ..”the leaves shush in the air streams just above a whisper” Just love that! 🙂


  6. This poem is as evocative as the photo, (which means very) and the progression as ordered as the disorderly process of revelation will allow, just as the path demarcates and defines the image and reflection, your words delicately separate cognition from emotion, to neither’s detriment. Which is just my overly verbose way of saying, I loved this poem, the eye that shines behind the pen, and the expression it gave to an idea I now feel I’ve always had in my own head, but that you put there. Really my pleasure to read this.


  7. Hi Amy — Learning to walk in darkness, to see what’s there in the dark (and come to love what’s there because it can’t be seen otherwise) is the real trick, isn’t it? A bit like Stevens’ “Snow Man”, trusting the method and process, that

    … it was okay
    to be lost
    the darkness will find
    a reflection.

    As here. Surrender is half the job, walking through the other. Keep up the great work — Brendan



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