Divinity in the Self

I owe this blog post to WIL over at Write into the Light, in her post “My True Self is Not Mentally Ill” where she begins by listing what she likes about herself (a hard thing for us all to do) and discusses how we see our true Self and then shares an amazing video by Mooji from Mooji Answers (you can ask him questions, read his Buddhist (?) insights and all amazing shit). It’s centered on how our Self is NOT ILL, our person, our body is, not who we are.   Go check out the video at her blog.  After I watched the video I went like crazy over to YouTube and looked Mooji Answers up and I came across this video of his on fear, called “What are You Afraid Of?”  Some parts that really, really struck me were:

“The mind must have something to threaten you with in order to hold you hostage…and only when you, the beingness, the consciousness,  the presence, which is not a person, believe yourself to be a person, believe you’re merely the body-mind instrument and functioning then this thing comes out of fear–once you touch “I am the body”…What is innocence? it’s useful because it is required by consciousness in order for consciousness to taste experiencing (without the body, no experiencing) but somehow something takes places–identification with the instrument and then the consciousness falls into this modification : “I am the body this is me” and then a TRAUMA ENTERS INTO THE BEING, IT FEELS “NOW I’VE COME INTO TIME” THE TIMELESS BROUGHT ITSELF INTO TIME AND ANYTHING THAT TOUCHES TIME, FEAR WILL COME, BECAUSE TIME HAS BEGINNING OR SOME END.  THE BODY HAS BEGINNING, HAS END. …

When you believe “I am this body” then fear comes and can continue threatening you.  How can the being-ness that has fallen under the hypnosis that “I am the body-mind” wake up from this?  Setsang.  In setsang, the waking room.

…how can that which is unbound have no beginning? no real concrete existence? Spirit–comes into fear, by holding onto time…NOT FALL ASLEEP INTO THE HUMAN MODIFICATION, IT MUST REMEBER WHO I AM, AND THAT IS DISCOVERING THE DIVINITY IN YOUR OWN SELF, THE TIMELESS AND THE DEATHLESS…”


3 thoughts on “Divinity in the Self

  1. love this video. we are born into time, into these bodies and minds that (we are told from the get go) define us – define who we are, our being. For examples, “you are a girl, you are tall, smart, a good listener; I am a student, a ball player, a mom, a sister,” and on and on; plus we are taught to develop and improve the mind and body – “exercise, eat right, brush your teeth, get good sleep, study harder, read more books, take your vitamins.”

    And then how sad is it to have to spend so much time unlearning all of these concepts, as he talks about in this video – to look not at the mind/body as who we are but to know that the presence, consciousness, beingness, Divine is who we are.

    You know the essay your wrote in Turtle Way? You touched on this topic several times and I’m sure you didn’t even realize it. I didn’t realize it until I watched this video and the one I posted on my blog, and then things from your essay started coming back to me.

    For examples, ” …put our souls on hold…because some part of us – be it our instincts or untouchable spirits – knew that the only way to save our minds and hearts (our bodies left for prey) was to hide them, deep inside. And hiding them for so long became habit, and then soon they were forgotten about until our bodies grew older and began to remember.” We hid our beingness, didn’t we???

    and “It’s war, flat-out war, between our heads and our hearts; between chemistry and spirit.” To me this is the same as between “the mind/body” and “the consciousness/the beingness” that Mooji talks of.

    He’s right – you/we have had “it” in us all along. It’s been waiting and waiting, since we were children, for us to rediscover it. This shit is cool, right? I think so!



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