Where Do You Write?

So I’m wondering…where do you all write?  Do you have particular spots that seem to give you that room?  I’m sharing a picture of my spot, it’s at my kitchen counter, usually late, and I can’t sit or I’ll lose focus, so I stand at my counter in my cute little kitchen until my legs go numb and the feet fall asleep.  Or maybe, but rarely, at my old kitchen table I refurbished, next to the register and windows, white Christmas lights on, and an uncomfortable chair to keep me on task.  I live in a very old house with lots of charm and I love pretty old things, music, books obviously, art, the blues, Ali Farka Toure, Bob Dylan’s bootlegs, Eddie Vedder, lots of indie/folk/bon iver-ish stuff, James vincent McMorrow, Modest Mouse, Radiohead, DMB, Rachmaninov, Ray, Yo-Yo Ma, Billie Holiday, Son House, Adele, bits of everything really; at least that’s commonly what you’ll hear coming from my kitchen.  The wood floors creak and the windows are huge, letting me watch Wisconsin snowfalls.  I love small, warm lamps/lights, I have them everywhere.  My girl’s artwork usually gets framed and I’m making a menagerie for that currently.  I really surround myself with what I love. I may be putting in a white book shelf in the kitchen just to keep all my poetry books together, hmm…

Oh and for poetry and beginning essays I have to write, not type, on a counter with a fine point bic that’s somewhat new.  Or sharp pencils.  Nothing else will suffice.  Everything else I NEED the keys.

  Share a picture of your spot—especially weird ones! Why do you write there?  What’s it like?  What do you do? Do you plan it?

                                                                                              Amy Jobob2bobb


2 thoughts on “Where Do You Write?

  1. Hey Amy,

    You got me thinking about my favorites times and palces to write. I don’t have a picture, but I typically write in one of two places. The first is sitting on the couch in the early mornings before anyone else in the family gets up. Second and more frequenly is sitting in bed with my laptop in my lap in the late evenings while my wife is watching TV. Unfortuantely, I do not get to sit down and devote time to writing as much as I would like.

    I find it easy to get distracrted with following Facebook and interacting with people there, if I do not make it a point to keep it closed and tell myself to stay off and get busy!

    I have found myself in the middle of several projects recently and struggling ot stay focussed to get one of them completed. Too many thoughts and ideas whirling around in my head. It was so bad one time, I literaly had to open the “note” app on my cell phone and I typed half a blog entry on it while we were traveling.

    Anyway thangs for posing the question and getting me thinking!!

    Hope In Recovery


  2. I’m not tech-savvy enough to include here the photo of my writing area (on the sofa of my living room in my little NYC apartment) … but it’s such a cool post idea. And it is special to show the kitchen counter where you write. It’s funny that you don’t usually sit when you write. But it makes sense that one can focus better in this way. Maybe I’m getting too old, but I’m almost always sitting on my butt when I write. 🙂 (What does that really mean ‘sitting on my butt’? We don’t sit on our butts do we? Shouldn’t we say I’m sitting ‘with’ my butt? OK, “I’m almost always sitting when I write”).



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