Did I Show You, Love, the Moon Last Night?

Photo from Etsy

I haven’t stopped writing
for four days
a moment,
in its glass jar, holds a voice
that calls me–mommy? mommy?
and my breath is held–
did I forget
to show her the moon last night?
To show her the silence of the snow outside?
–so slow and pretty–
or the maps that the stars make?
did I answer her–Yes, my love,
I’ll live a long time–
I watch through glass–
her tiny silhouette among her quiet dolls;
I want to tell her
how time, like water, can slip through your fingers,
how sometimes we forget to look,
how days can pass like a sleep.
I take her to my desk
and teach her how to write
a poem, and she writes
one for me–I love my mommy–
and for a moment I’m pricked
with a fact–
one day, she might stop asking for me.

6 thoughts on “Did I Show You, Love, the Moon Last Night?

  1. I like your picture, the title and the words chosen for this poem. I thought the glass was really a nice touch to connect to the little girl’s silhouette. And how this moment is precious and should be cherised.
    But don’t worry, your daughter will love you back forever. I love my mom always no matter what happens.


  2. Wow. That’s it. I’m taken with you. 🙂 I’m a friend of Victoria Flynn’s. I followed you on Twitter b/c I saw you were one of her friends and you looked insanely, complexly interesting. I LOVE THIS POEM. I love poems about children. About the sadness and fear of being a parent. i’m a stepmother and i have wildly ambiguous poems about it.

    Anyway, I’d love to chat with you sometime.
    Please do email me!




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