(image by AlisonTyne at Etsy)


I blink awake
to the humming halogen
blind white room my planet
this issued metal cot
these pills
to bring me back.

Caged animals–their heat
their wild eyes, baring teeth,
I want to live inside
their breasts, beating.
I want the bars to hold me all in.

I shuffle to the mirror–
a pan bolted to the wall
for precautions.
Here you are gone
not trapped,
your only companion
your body,
turning on you.
My eyes–barren moons.
No light.
No reflection.
It’s gone out as faithless
as it came.

18 thoughts on “Spheres

  1. Hi Amy,

    This is beautifully written and powerful – I can understand the self imposed prison, the safe place.

    Like your blog – good luck on your journey

    Louise x


  2. I’m thinking of a lock down unit in Psych – dismal, no color
    You are so painfully descriptive – it hurts to look at the light

    Fine work for One Shot

    Moon Smiles


  3. Beautifully woven words, truly.

    I feel this way some days because MS can feel like imprisonment…and yet withing the prison there is a different kind of freedom, I did not know before…the forced slowness is a gift…the inability to “get out much” is an opportunity to learn from within….


  4. This one gave me shudders – the self as a prison, the agony, the barren, longing mind. Harsh realizations as one stares into the mirror. Very deep, very powerful – the words lashed at me vividly. Fantastic One Shot.


  5. Fabulous! What imagery!! Phheewww…. gave me shivers!!
    “My eyes–barren moons.” — good god!! That is some fantastic wordplay there, Amy!! KUDOS on this super awesome one shot!!


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  8. You do rock and I am a little embarrassed to have invited you by my blog. There is always a slight fear when what one thinks is good is relegated to being mundane, but life goes on and forgive my rush of judgment.


    1. 🙂 you just put a huge smile on my face–first for saying I rock–you rock for saying I rock–and second for your blunt honesty! I know what you mean though I’m that way too. I think our own poetry can either inflate us or deflate us–big time. It’s nice to meet you and am excited to check out your blog, and very curious!



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