I Never Said

I used to hang my words
each time I parted my lips
up to dry
what could they press,
my lips,
but the hard fact of you
who reminded me there were doves
doves in my head
in the treason of my thoughts,
thoughts loose and disconnected
you claimed at the beginning
of our memory
was too ill for truth,
and now I part my dry lips
that look for you
to mouth your noose
but you have gone, unaffected,
and I fester in my own reflection
my words dripping teeth.

11 thoughts on “I Never Said

  1. the image of the mouth being a noose
    hanging on words
    what great imagery

    Thanks for the One Shot

    moonie smiles


  2. The fluttering (or in the case of rock doves known as pidgeons which land on my roof every day) the thundering that goes on…is a great image for what happens when we’re flustered especially in a relationship. I liked the connection in disconnection. Well done, of course. Thanks for sharing. Gay @beachanny


  3. Oh my gosh… this is so vivid and almost scary! Emotions seemed to burst forth… and a very very effective use of words here…
    it felt like a dark movie playing in my head really…
    Too good!!!



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