Here; For You

I was pushing petals your way
this whole time,
and you thought you wanted
the bud, the blossom;
I gave you the death
in browned, crinkled pink silk
and you passed the beauty
by the time you looked.
I never possess the youth
it stings.

I was pushing petals your way,
this whole time,
on an afterthought you caught
the stench
of compost.

2 thoughts on “Here; For You

  1. Excellent. Immediately made me wonder,and want to know who “you” is ! Missed oppotunites !
    Did you know the Dodge Poetry Festival was held in Newark, NJ for the first time at NJPAC ! I sure didn’t know, so didn’t get tickets in time !
    One of my old mentors was there…Sharon Olds.

    Oh well, maybe next year. I like the old, outdoor setting better, however. I can’t imagine the lack of freedom at a Poetry festival … having to sit in theatre chairs the whole time ! Yikes !



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