delta sheets

I find a safe place,
a warm place, free space
confined from the clutter of a day
in a day. A space
with white lace
and Billie Holiday
and Kate Chopin’s case
and the kaleidoscope of Julys
in open air, on the planks of a dock
over warm water
or dusty piano keys;
and far away trumpets sway lazy
around clothes lines,
crickets and white cottons
and dirty feet
and sweating iced tea and wet lilacs.
A safe place in my mind
when I can’t find it here
I transform the world
around me
from a little room or car
or street or yard;
the heavy things—I have to set
them down
until I’ve slept and breathed
and forgotten,
at least for awhile,
until I pick it up and pick it away
and diminish it
to the weight of paper.

One thought on “delta sheets

  1. Simple, yet complex. Finally the weight of the world and problems being reduced to a piece of paper that you have captured and wrapped it all in and the words of vivid and personal expression that are able to yet make the world feel it. Powerful



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