Where It Went

the book explodes

hundreds, thousands of pages

rent in the air

white like crazy

then vacantly sways

down to the tile

and my memoir

has no page numbers

and I can’t keep track

I try to sort piles

but they keep falling

and coming

and I see the story

for the first time

2 thoughts on “Where It Went

  1. yeah. this is good. you might send this off somewhere to get published?

    i get the feeling that this was composed unconsciously for years and then just decided to come out one day, pretty much as it appears above.


    1. Jack, that’s exactly how that poem came out. It was just there, an old known friend. How’d you know? I love the way you explain it. Thanks for reading. And I totally agree about “into the wild” soundtrack. Check out “needles in my eyes” by beta band. i’m trying to learn how to get it to play on here. ?? Keep in touch! Amy



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